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How to Treat Thinning Hair? – Some Highly Effective Treatments

How to Treat Thinning Hair? – Some Highly Effective Treatments

Most of the people find their bathroom floor covered with broken strands of hair and many of the girls have their pony wrapped with hair. This is a clear indication that something is going wrong and there is a need to get proper treatment. It is a fact that after the age of 50 many females complain hair loss. The destiny of out hair changes as our age increases. Thinning of hair is just natural but it does not mean they you accept this destiny for your hair and let them as they are. Definitely, you have to extra care your hair in this situation. So here we are going to tell you some solutions so that you got a better idea about how to treat thinning hair?

Taking Proper Meals

Proper diet is necessary to control every problem relate to your body. Your hair strongly needs protein and also vitamins especially vitamin B12. If there is a deficiency of these two nutrients in your body then it can cause thinning of your hair. Take proper action to get the suitable diet that is rich in protein and vitamin. You can get them from green vegetables, lean meat, beans, nuts, and fish. These food items will put your hair back on track.

Gently Massage your Hair

Remember to massage your hair during shower. When you are shampooing your hair then gentle massage will increase the flow of blood in the scalp. So by doing this hair growth will be improved. Another benefit of massaging during the shower is that most of the people use treatment shampoos for thinning hair and by massaging well this shampoo will penetrate well in your scalp.

Avoid too much Hair Styling

Many people use styling equipment on daily basis and they don’t know this is the main reason of hair breakage and thinning. Coloring your hair frequently, using hair dryers and irons should be avoided as much as you can.

Use Minoxidil

It is a proven drug that was made after many years of research. This drug is also approved by FDA and all the ingredients are safe to use. About 50% women using this drug for thinning hair observe improvement. Minoxidil can enhance the hair growth and it produces longer stands of hair. You can use this for hair Regrowth treatment also.


Try Viviscal Supplement

Sometimes all you need is a hair growth supplement. So Viviscal is a supplement that can be used to solve your problem. This supplement consists of a combination of biotin, zinc, fish protein, etc that has the ability to produce healthy hair. This supplement will make your hair strands thicker.

Go for a Blood Checkup

Make it your regular habit to take a blood test every month. In this way, you will be able to check the level of ferritin in your blood. It is the amount of iron that is stored in your blood. The deficiency can cause hair loss and thin hair. This deficiency can be overcome with the help of any iron or vitamin supplement.

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