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What are the causes and the treatment of dry hair

What are the causes and the treatment of dry hair?

Dry hair usually occurs when they do not get enough moisture and nutrition for the better health of the hair. The dry hair look

  • frizzy
  • lifeless
  • Dull hair has no sheen.

Causes of dry hair

There are much causes of dry hair. It may occur due to the presence of some disease or intake of improper diet. The main causes are as following

Environmental conditions

The conditions include

  • Living in hot climate
  • Spending lot of time in the sun or wind environment
  • Swimming in chlorinated water

Disease states

There are various disease states which cause the dryness of the hair that include

  • Anorexia nervous the condition in which the person having malnutrition, it is the serious condition that causes the hair to become brittle and dry.
  • Hypoparathyroidism causes the parathyroid gland to produce the little amount of the calcium in the body. It plays a role in the hair development and the other parts of the body. The insufficient hormone leads to the hair dryness.
  • The dry and brittle hair is the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The person suffering from the problems in hormones have the effect on the hairs.

Extra hair care

Sometimes the extra care for hair may lead to the severe effects. The person may lose hair or the hair health is affected. Too much care includes

  • Use of electric rods, iron or dryer frequently
  • Frequent hair washing
  • Use of the harsh shampoos or chemicals
  • Use of hair dyes

How to diagnose the dry hairs

If the person gets the dry hair problem and applies the home remedies to overcome the dryness, then at that time it is important to consult the doctor so that he can diagnose the underlying cause of the disease. The doctor properly examines the scalp and takes a sample to get the reason for hair drying. He also asks for certain question necessary to precede the therapy. In case, if he did find the main reason he prescribes the blood or urine test to properly identify the root cause.

Treatment of dry hair

The hairs make the personality of the person; if the hairs are thin or unhealthy the person looks dull. It is important to treat dry hair as well as the issue that is the reason for the dry hairs. One can change his lifestyle regarding the hair care to get the best healthy hairs.


  • Try to change the shampoo
  • Use natural substances to overcome the problem
  • Regular massage the hairs with the oil like olive, coconut or almond oil to moisturize the hairs
  • Take a healthy diet and intake sufficient amount of water.

It is important to protect the hairs from the extra heat. Avoid the direct contact with sunlight as well as try to avoid the electric hair styling machines that damage the hairs. If the person is diagnosed with some disease, he must take medicines on time and follow the doctor’s direction to treat the ailment to get the healthy shiny hairs.

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